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Why most social media campaigns fail?

Ring, Ring, Ring: Hello Limitless? We need you guys to manage our Social Media presence, and we need it to start today!

That is how some clients start their venture through the jungle that is Social Media, giving little attention to strategy, purpose and objectives and focusing on tactical marketing instead.

According to a report from C4B on brands, only 20% of brands have a strategy for using social media platforms.

With each passing day, new brands on social media, new users and new platforms are adding to the clutter on the internet. With that in mind do new brands expect to achieve results, create value and most importantly drive ROI without a proper strategy in place? Off the bat?

Can you imagine trying to sell Tom Ford suits at your local flea market? The market definitely has footfall and people looking to shop and the product has no flaw, then why won’t the suits sell? …Because there is no strategy in place!

Just like the Tom Ford sales man at the Flea market, brands that venture out on Social Media without a strategy will not get any ROI. It is very important to set your objectives, clear target audience, and put a communication strategy with clear set KPIs. So you do not get sucked into a never-ending circle of trying to catch up with the market instead of leading it.

A solid social media strategy has these essential pillars laid down clearly:

1. Objectives

2. Target audience

3. Content Strategy

4. Creative Strategy

5. Network Strategy

6. Evaluation and measurement

After all “A Goal without a plan is just a wish” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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